Burgess Cellars Howell Mountain Vineyards - Winery Ranch & Haymaker


1880 Estate Vineyard Map
Haymaker Vineyard Map


This vineyard faces west on the side of Howell Mountain and has a slope averaging 22%. The volcanic soil is called “Tuff” which is compressed volcanic ash. The rocky soil drains very well allowing the grapes to achieve full maturity. This produces small berries providing intense flavor which is the Burgess hallmark. Hot days and cool nights mixed with the unique topography provide a premium mountainous flavor to all our wines. The vineyard sits comfortably in the frost-free zone above Saint Helena in Napa Valley.


Purchased in 1987 and developed by our founder, Tom Burgess, and owned by son James Burgess since 2012, the Haymaker Vineyard faces east on the opposite side of Howell Mountain. The slope averages 25% and is very well drained due to the volcanic ash and marine sediment soils. This produces grapes that have a rich, dark core of varietal character. The hillside location is above the frost-zone in Napa Valley allowing for a long growing season and proven quality. Very hot days and cool nights mixed with the unique slope and elevation of our vineyard provide an intense mountainous core to all our wines.
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